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 Kungfu world

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John William

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PostSubject: Kungfu world   Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:33 am

Welcome and special thanks for looking,
I would start to say, I LOVE that game. But i really need some mates to play with, So i hope you will Join aswell
The Play wok server has been updated, with new npc, quests, and new event maps and best of all there are active GM and GS for help at anytime you need.

Website : [URL=""][/URL]
Forum :

For the specs of the play wok server for some of you that may not know and would like to know:

50x exp rate
5x reputation
5x drop rate

here is a video link for you to see how the game play and graphics may look:


Here are some screenshots of the game:

For any questions you can contact or send a private message to me at: ,

or to the main GM of the server at:

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Kungfu world
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